The Day I Drove a Boat

Posted: October 2, 2009 in Mentalism

While on holiday in Norfolk back in AMe on a boatugust, we went into a town close by (I forget the name) and found out that we could hire a small boat for a few hours to drive down along the river, so we booked up and the next day we returned with our boat waiting for us, we climbed in when we were shown how to start the boat and how to drive the boat.

I quite liked it, driving the boat along the river was nice, it was a sunny calm day which made driving down the fairly narrow, calm river relaxing. As we neared our turn around point we moved from the narrow river into a more open, lake type area which is when the weather seemed to suddenly turn, it got much winder probably because we were in a much more open area than before, and waves had already developed on the water. Driving away from the wind was okay, the waves where going in the same general direction as us, but once we had turned around and were heading into the waves, it became much more fun with some of the bigger waves splashing up against the boat a little, the spray caught the wind and blew it into the faces of those in the back which I found quite funny.

As we headed back into the narrow river, to travel back to where we had hired the boat, the wind died right back down again because it became much more sheltered, and the waves dropped right down to nothing more than ripples, the only slightly bigger waves were caused by the boat moving through the water.


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