Blog Layout Changed

Posted: October 9, 2009 in Mentalism

contruction1I’ve decided to change the overall layout of my blog. The last one was okay but this new one is much brighter and bolder, the title of each blog stands out much better which is what I like most about it. The only thing that I think lets it down a little is the top banner, but even with that I think it looks better than before 🙂

Cold Spell Update

Just a quick update on the cold spell that I outlined a few days ago further down – As I predicted high pressure looks set to be over the UK pushing the area of low pressure that would have come down from the North bringing the colder air to the UK further Eastwards into the near continent. Because high pressure looks likely, it’ll turn more settled and will likely to fairly warm during the day, but during the night with clear skies temperatures are likely to drop quite fast away from the coasts, giving central areas perhaps their first taste of autumn with some frosts in the morning.

  1. Ross buckley says:

    good shout that is tbh i always thought this would be the case.

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