Detecting Lies P1 – Discovering a Baseline

Posted: October 18, 2009 in Mentalism

Detecting when someone is lieing just by looking at their face or listening to the way they’re talking is probably something many people wish they could do, infact most people probably don’t realize that when someone is lieing, its written all over their faces. I’m going to give you a few tips on how to spot if someone is lieing. The more you know about the person the better, but even if you don’t know anything about the person its easy to discover a baseline by asking a few simple questions.

A baseline is a subjects normal behaviour when they’re telling the truth, when someone lies they subconsciously move away from this baseline with very subtle movements in facial expressions, or by a slight change or tone or pitch in a persons voice. Now obviously there’s no single way to tell whether someone is lieing, if someone flashes a sign of lieing, it doesn’t mean that they are. Before you can conclude whether they have lied to you or not, you should dig further into what they’ve said by asking more questions but without making it seem like your interrogating them otherwise they’ll become defensive and it’ll be harder to spot for lies.

When someone makes something up, they’ll often go into it with much more detail than they usually would, for example if you think someone has stolen from you and you ask whether they’ve seen it, if they haven’t seen it then usually they’ll simply answer something along the lines of “nope I havent, sorry” and this will usually be the truth. But if they have taken it or know who has taken it but is covering for them. You’re more likely to get a longer answer, something like this “No I havent, wasnt it on the side the other day? I’m sure I saw it there, let me have a look” or whatever, they’ll add more detail to the answer which is usually a sign of lieing, although if its a person who answers most questions in full detail like this, then they probably wouldn’t be lieing. This is why its important to have a baseline for the person and its far easier to tell if someones lieing if you know them.

Discovering a baseline on someone you don’t know is fairly simple, just ask questions that they have no reason to lie about, favourite restraunt, do they have any brothers and sisters, have you been on holiday this year etc.. people have NO reason to lie about questions like this, so you discover how they answer questions, what facial expressions they use and the tone of voice they use, and then when you ask something you really want to know, you can look to see if they do anything different from that baseline. This is handy to use on salesmen, you’ll find it much easier to spot if they’re lieing about something you’d like to buy, a car etc..

Thats all for now. Try and get familiar with discovering baselines, i’ll add Part 2 in the next few days.

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