Body Language Reading – Miss Thompson

Posted: October 24, 2009 in Mentalism

Recently in America, a little girl called Somer Thompson went missing, and was found dead in a landfill. The link below shows the mother giving an interview, this is just one of several interviews shes made, the interview below was taken, i believe, before her daughters body was found.

It might be easier if you read what I write now, before you watch the video so you know what to look out for. Or you could watch the video above before reading what I write, so you can form your own opinion of the way the mother is acting.

Could this lady be hiding something?

I say yes, I think she is. The first thing I notice within the first 10 seconds of the video is Miss Thompsons blink rate, look how often shes blinking, its almost non stop. When someones blink rate goes up like this, its often a sign that they are hiding something. Notice how she also says “I can’t even remember if I told her I loved her” she can’t remember. If you look at her eyes, theres no tears, and theres no redness from where shes been crying. So shes definitely faking the crying, notice how she also dabs her eyes with the tissue, despite there not being any tears.

The second someone asks her “What was she wearing” the crying voice seems to change immediately to a calmer, more relaxed voice, almost as if someone has flicked a switch. Notice how much detail she puts into describing her clothing as well, but yet she cant remember whether she told her daughter that she loved her, this strikes me as quite odd.

I believe that she is being truthful when shes describing what her daughter was wearing though, shes using hand gestures and theres no signs that she could be lieing.

Looking at facial expressions, her eye brows hardly move, when someone is sad their eye brows usually bow, there’s no sign of this at all. She also shows no anger at all, if you had just lost your daughter i’d expect you’d be showing a lot of anger, but she doesn’t appear to be showing any.

My conclusion is, the crying and intense emotion at the start is fake, her description of the clothes appears to be true, although far too descriptive for my liking. I don’t think she killed her daughter, but I do think she knows way more than shes letting on. Maybe the FBI will name her as a ‘person of interest’ as time goes on.

  1. Joan says:

    I think you are correct. I just checked a video on youtube, so the footage we viewed is not identical. I don’t think she did it, but I do believe she knows something.

    At 3:55 the reporter asks if she feels guilt and the mother sucks her lips in, then says she feels guilty while shaking her head ‘no’ and when people feel guilty they usually look down and away…she does look down and away often, and that is probably true guilt – though I feel as if the timing is off. There’s also almost no action in her eyebrows at all. She swallows often – an indicator of strong emotion.

  2. […] CLICK HERE to view the “Somer Thompson” article. […]

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