Mind Reading Trick – Left or Right?

Posted: October 27, 2009 in Mentalism

Just a quick blog from me to tell you one of my favourite mind reading tricks.

This trick works best when there’s a group of people you can do it on, it’ll make the effect seem more interesting. DO NOT tell people this trick when they ask how you did it, it’ll disappoint them when they learn how simple it is.

You remember I talked about NLP, someone who is right handed, when recalling a memory will look to their left, so you simply ask someone “Name one thing you did when you got up this morning” if their eyes move to the left, then you know they are right handed. But if their eyes move to the right, then you know they are left handed.

As soon as you see their eyes go in one direction or the other, simply say “left handed” or “right handed” whatever one applies. This works best when you can do it to a group of people because it is a 50/50 chance of getting it right, but when you do it to a group and get it right everytime, the effect is even more brilliant.

  1. ross says:

    It does work, but need to watch carefully, love it wen they try to work out how u did it? but it is so simple 🙂

  2. Graham says:

    what if the person is looking straigt at you and dont move there eyes??

    • danielakawmd says:

      The chances of that happening are quite low. Its a sub-conscious moving of the eyes. If this does happen, which the chances of this happening are very low. The simply say something like “Your blocking me, I don’t think you want me to be able to read your mind, we’ll try again later” and move onto the next person. You’d have to be ultra unlucky for it to happen twice in a row.

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