Mind Reading Trick – Read my Mind

Posted: October 29, 2009 in Mentalism

This trick makes it seem like they are the ones doing the mind reading, when really you are planting a number into their head using subliminal messaging. This one is really easy to do, and it works most of the time, however the more suggestible the person is the better.

You start by finding someone who is willing to allow you to do this trick, if they want you to do it then chances are they want it to work, which will increase your success rate. When you find someone, say the following lines to them. I’ll put the subliminal messages in capitals so you know which words to emphasis ever so slightly.

“I wanna show you a trick, infact, you’re going to read my mind”

Once they agree, you say that you do not want them to say anything until you tell them to. You then proceed to say

“I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 5”

DONT THINK OF THE ONE that pops into your mind first”

“and DONT THINK TWO hard”

“So, what you’re looking FOUR IS THE NUMBER I AM THINKING OF

So you actually tell them not to think of one or two, and then you actually tell them the number you’re actually thinking (ALWAYS think number four, or the trick simply wont work since the subliminal messaging is telling them to say the number four, their subconcious will pick up on this, so it will seem like they are choosing number four, when in fact you’re planting the number into their mind”

For added affect, before finding someone get a piece of paper and right the number “4” largely in the middle of the page, the fold it up and put it into your pocket. Then do the trick, and when they say number four, take out the piece of paper and show it to them. For even more added affect, you can right “The number I am thinking of is 4”

This doesn’t work ALL the time, but since they are the ones doing the “mind reading” you can blame it on them if it goes wrong, but don’t be horrible about it, otherwise they won’t want to do any other tricks with you.

Any questions, comment below.

  1. rioo says:

    wow i love this trick

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