Polyphasic Sleep – Day 1

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Mentalism

After getting just 3 hours sleep last night, I woke up feeling refreshed and alert and ready to go. Our sleep cycles usually last around 1.5 hours, so as you approach the third hour of sleep your returning to a lighter phase of sleep which makes waking up refreshed and alert a lot easier, had I got up half an hour later I would have almost certainly felt groggy.

I was fine all day, right up until I got onto the bus this afternoon (before my first nap) as soon as I sat down and the bus started moving I got very tired and was struggling to keep my eyes open. I came off the bus with a headache, maybe it was due to the lack of sleep or perhaps the chavs playing their loud, rubbish music at the back of the bus is what gave me the headache.

I’ve just awoken from my first 20 minute nap and I feel alert and refreshed again, and my headache has almost gone. My next nap will be at 11pm tonight. Last night I got very very bored staying up, and waiting for my 4am bed time to arrive, I think if I’m going to succeed in doing this, I’m going to have to find something to do after my evening naps otherwise i’ll just get too bored and probably end up just going to bed.

So day one has gone well so far, other than the very tired stage on the bus a little earlier. Lets hope day 2 goes the same way.

  1. jorel314 says:


    Just wanted to let you know that I featured your blog on my site…


    Happy napping!

  2. ross buckley says:

    How far did we get danny? i am desperate too know…did we get past 10pm on day 1…not sure we did danny haha good effort though.

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