Rock, Paper, Scissors

Posted: February 12, 2010 in Mentalism

The Rules for Rock, Paper, Scissors

We all know the rules for this game, its an old classic. This game is often played to decide who gets the last muffin in the shop, or perhaps who gets to sit in the front of a car on the journey home. This game is even played professionally in a high steak, money game.

But how can you ensure that the odds are in your favour to win this game? Thats something I’ve wondered for a while, and doing some research on the internet did bring up some information about the game, and how to win, but it didn’t really give me the information I was looking for, and that is, how can you influence a person into choosing either Rock, Paper, Scissors? Over the last month or so I’ve been experimenting with various different people to see if I can work out a pattern that a majority of people go for. One thing I’ve noticed is that guys almost ALWAYS throw a rock first, I’m not too sure why this is, but its probably a masculinity thing. I’ve also noticed that girls usually always throw scissors as their first throw.

Knowing this already gets you ahead in the game, because now you know what a majority of men and women will choose as their first throw, it helps you at least win the first time around. But what about after that? Is their a specific pattern that most people go with? Well, no. After the first throw the range varies dramatically.

I’ve found that if you make the shape of a scissors with your non playing hand a few seconds before they throw, then the person is more likely to throw scissors. If you’re holding a fist in your non playing hand before they throw, they’re more likely to throw a rock. So clearly you can have some subliminal affect in influencing a person into what a person throws during a game of Rock, Paper Scissors.

If you’ve played someone before, then its always good to try and remember the order they threw in the last time, because most people will stick to that same order giving you a higher advantage of winning if you can remember the order they’ve thrown in.

Now these tips do not always work, but they will give you a higher chance of winning, than say just randomly throwing something and hoping you come out on top.


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