Wintry in the North

Posted: February 13, 2010 in Mentalism

Over the last couple of days we’ve seen some fairly cold but settled  weather, and many areas in the East have seen some snow showers, with only the far South-East corner seeing significant snowfalls with as much as 10inches of snow being recorded in some areas.

This week looks set to remain generally cold, although any sleet and snow will be confined to Northern parts of the country, with snow only really likely over higher ground.

Through Monday and into Tuesday an area of low pressure will push Southwards into the Atlantic and this will send an area of rain Southwards across the UK. This may fall as sleet or snow across Northern areas, especially over the hills of Scotland and Northern England although I think heavy rain will be the order of the day across Southern areas due to the slightly milder air in place here.

The rest of the week will remain fairly unsettled and showery, these being of a wintry mix across Northern areas, with perhaps wet snow down to lower levels from time to time. Showers are likely to remain of rain across Southern areas. Between showers there should be a fair amount of sunshine. Temperatures remaining below average away from the far South-West tip. Highs of 4-6c across the country, with perhaps 10c across in Cornwall.


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