Water Detox – Day 2

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Mentalism

After months, or even years of eating takeaways, snacks, and just eating generally very unhealthily and not really getting any exercise I’ve decided to go on a water detox. Thanks to a high metabolism I’ve never really had any issues with weight gain, which is probably the reason why I’ve continued to eat the way I have been and lets be honest, junk food is nice.

The water detox that I’m doing involves drinking 2 or more litres of water a day. I have to eat raw fruit and veg for the first couple of days of the detox before then going 2 days without eating anything at all, before starting to eat fruit and veg again.

This detox is designed to completely clean out any toxins that are in your body, it should make me feel more active, and it should also help me lose a little bit of weight that I seem to have put on in the last few months.

I’m on my second day today, yesterday went well. I managed to drink just over 2 litres of water, and I had a couple of portions of fruit and veg. I went to bed last night feeling very hungry but I managed to push through that. I’ve had one portion of vegetables today. I have noticed that whenever I look into the fridge I desperately want to take a snack but so far I’ve managed to resist doing that. Today is pancake day and as far as I’m aware, I’m not allowed to eat any while doing this detox. Although I think i’ll be okay if I sneak a couple, as long as I eat more fruit and veg to compensate for that. This detox will last 7 days, so next Monday I’ll be able to start to eat slightly more normally again, although I’m certainly planning on cutting down the number of snacks I usually have, and am planning on trying to keep up with the fruit and veg portions I have each day.

  1. ross says:

    I cant see u finishing this, you going 2 days without food. no way haha

  2. lisa says:

    ahahaha bet ur mum will be pleased then means there will be food left in the fridge at the end of the week lol

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