March Outlook

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Mentalism

I don’t really do long term forecasts, although its something that I’ve been studying these last couple of weeks and I think I have the knowledge to make a fairly good educated guess on the weather March will bring, and even if I do get it wrong, it’ll be a learning curve.

Week One

The first week of March will continue where February left off, generally cold with snow at times particularly across Northern parts of the country. There will be a fair amount of sunshine too throughout this week. Further South things are likely to be slightly mild with rain and sleet at times. Temperatures generally below average, ranging from 3-7c across the country.

Week Two

Week two sees a slight change in the weather pattern as deeper low pressure systems begin to push across Northern parts of England. This will bring some very wet, and windy weather to Northern areas although as these low pressure systems clear Eastwards they will drag in colder air behind them, so heavy rain does look likely to turn to snow. Further South things will be a little more settled, with a mixture of showery rain and sunshine. Temperatures around around average or slightly below in the South at around 5-9c. Temperatures in the North below average at 3-5c.

Week Three

Week three continues to see these low pressure systems sweeping in off of the Atlantic, a ridge of high pressure building across Southern parts of England will bring largely fine, and settled weather with temperatures perhaps getting up as high as 12-15c in some parts. Further North things look wet and windy, with snow over the Scottish hills, temperatures around average at 7-10c.

Week Four

The end of the month will see high pressure building Northwards across the UK from the Azores bringing largely fine and settled weather, and perhaps even some much warmer weather, particularly across Southern areas where temperatures could reach 17-20c by this point. Cooler in the far North with highs of 10-12c.


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