Water Detox – Day 4

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Mentalism

Well I successfully made it through day 4 of the detox. Although I did cheat and I did some a bowl of sugar puffs this morning, although despite me not eating next to nothing these last few days I couldn’t seem to manage more than a couple of mouthfuls before I felt full – Perhaps not eating much for a few days has meant that my body no longer feels the need to have huge amounts of food to feel full, and now only needs small amounts?

Who knows, tomorrow, well, today (its 2am) i’ll be able to begin eating again, although I will be eating less than usual, I do expect that we’ll have a takeaway for dinner tomorrow evening since its a Friday. Thats probably not the best way to end a fast/detox program although I probably wont be able to eat much if today is anything to go by, and I’m certainly going to try and keep up with the fruit and vegetable portions as these are clearly healthier, and fruit and veg really isn’t that bad.


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