Introduction to Cold Reading

Posted: February 20, 2010 in Mentalism

Do you want to be able to convince your friends that you’re psychic? Then maybe learning the art of cold reading is for you. Cold Reading is an age old art which involves a keen sense of observation and an air of confidence. Have you ever watched a Psychic perform on TV in front of a huge audience, and somehow manages to know a fair amount about a person? If you listen carefully, what they say could apply to absolutely anyone in the audience, and because the audience is so big whatever they say has to apply to at least one person. How about when they’ve said something and then go to someone? Well, this probably just means they’ve been observing the audience as they talk, and they’ve noticed someones facial expression, or they notice a slight movement and they can instantly know that what they have just said, applies to this person. Cold Reading will make you a hit at a party once you’ve figured it out because its a great way to break the ice, what better than to be able to tell a complete stranger facts about their life on first meeting? People will certainly begin to warm to you much more quickly.

Cold Reading is fairly easy once you know how its done, although it can take a while to master it, and like everything, you have to practice it to start getting good results. You’re bound to get things wrong once in a while, especially when you first start putting it into practice, but if you just stick with it then you’ll soon get it.

When starting to learn cold reading, its a good idea to start practicing what you learn straight away. Doing this on people you know wont really get many results because you already know a fair amount about them, which makes this perfect for parties where they’ll be a fair amount of people around that you’re unlikely to know very well.

Before learning how to cold read though, it’ll be better to improve your sense of observation, the better your observation, the better the chances you’ll be good at cold reading. So before I go into talking about how to cold read, I want you to try this exercise for a couple of days just to improve your observation.

Next time you’re in a place where people meet and interact, this can be an airport, (although, you’re unlikely to be going to an airport in the next few days, although if you are, then great) bus station, or just simply in the local park.  All you have to do is sit and observe, observe the way people walk, observe their body language, their facial expressions, what colour hair do they have? What type of shoes? Just try and look at every minute detail about a person.

A slightly more practical, and perhaps easier thing to do, is whenever you’re out look around, notice that crisp packet on the floor that you’d usually ignore, notice the letter “E” out on the sign for Tesco, notice the little things that usually you’d walk straight past. Whenever you glance around ask yourself why, take notes of car colours, people, etc.. whenever you look behind you, and then ask yourself “what colour was that car” and then turn around to check if you were right. A couple of days of paying close attention like this, will begin to improve your observation.

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