Telepathic Mind Trick

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Mentalism

This trick is very clever and uses something called “dual reality” this trick is very simple to perform and if done right, can have some fantastic affects. If you have a group of friends that works best, although the trick is only done on two people, having other people there adds to the effect and I’ll explain why in a minute.

Firstly, select two friends you’d like to perform this trick on, they must be friends themselves in order for the effect to seem more realistic. You explain to them both that you’re researching “telepathy” between twins, and that you also believe that the same effect can be done between two friends under the right circumstances, you then ask them if they’d like to participate in a little experiment, if they say yes then that’s fantastic.

You make them stand beside each other, although a little bit apart, you could even have one on the other side of the room to add to the effect, if you like. You ask one of them to stand with their arms to their sides and ask them to relax, at this point you ask them both to focus on one object in the room and imagine seeing it through their friends eyes. You then ask subject one to close his/her eyes and relax. You then take her right hand and raise it upwards, while doing this you’re explaining that you’re preparing her body to receive the telepathic signal. This is when the important part comes into play, you must create a diversion so that everyone else in the room is distracted, lower his/her hand and say that from now on, if you feel anything I’d like you to state it at the end when I ask you, make sure she understands and has her eyes shut. You then look over to subject two and ask if they’re feeling okay, this will cause a distraction and that’s when you tap subject ones hand twice.

You then walk towards subject two, and hold out their hand and tap it twice, you then ask subject one “Did you feel anything” and when they say “yes” they will be certain you tapped their hand, however everyone else in the room would not have seen this, and the trick is complete.

Doing this trick more than once on the same set of people is very risky because they’ll be looking much closer to see how its done. Unless you want to be found out, don’t do it more than once on the same set of people.

Any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

  1. xanadu says:

    It’s a matter of timing – subject one has his/her eyes
    closed so when you tap it twice, no one else except subject one
    feels the tapping. Right after, you tap subject two’s hand in full
    view of the audience – they are not aware that subject one’s hand
    has already been tapped. Subject one (whose eyes are still closed)
    is not aware that you just tapped subject two’s hand after tapping
    his/her hand. So when you ask both subjects at the end what they
    felt, they will both say their hands were tapped twice … making
    it appear to everyone that a telepathic signal was created. In
    essence – subject one was isolated and lives in a different reality
    to subject two and the audience.

  2. sagar dobriyal says:

    I. Like. These. But. There. R. Not tricks that can be
    applied in school

  3. mariel says:

    i dont get it .. can u explain further?

    • no need says:

      lol. ok, cutting it short: Tap hand of first person, walk
      over to 2nd quickly and tap their hand for all to see and ask the
      first person… did you feel that? (that being you tapping person
      1, but showing everyone as tapping person two.. alhough person 1
      has eyes closed).

  4. Ian Lee says:

    This one’s called “Invisible Touch” right?

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