Dry and Bright

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Mentalism

Dry and Bright

High pressure will be dominating our weather over the weekend and into next week which means it’ll be mostly dry, and there should be a fair amount of sunshine around. However due to the position of the high pressure we’ll be drawing in some fairly cold air from the near continent which means there will be some widespread frosts around.

Saturday starts of cloudy across all areas with some rain, sleet and snow showers across Eastern parts of England, this will gradually clear Westwards through the day leading to a bright afternoon in the East. Feeling cold with highs of around 8c.

Saturday night into Sunday will see the cloud continue to clear Westwards, a touch of frost is likely across Eastern and Southern areas as the temperatures drop widely below freezing. Further North though there will be some cloud around to start the day on Friday and this is unlikely to clear much through the day, so Northern England and Scotland seeing a rather dull day. Further South though it should be bright and sunny and will feel generally pleasant in the sunshine but cool in the breeze. Highs of 6-7c.

As we move into next week high pressure will continue to stay in charge of our weather so lots of sunshine, and frosty starts are expected across much of the country, staying cool.


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