Night Owls

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Mentalism

Are you one of those people that prefer to stay up well into the early hours of the morning and then sleeping into the early-mid afternoon? Studies have shown that people who preferred to stay up during the night and then sleep into the day were more likely to be both smarter, and wealthier. The studies also shown these people, nicknamedĀ  “Night Owls” to have better memories than those who get early nights and wake up at the crack of dawn.

It is thought that the division into larks and owls has its roots in evolution, with early risers in the Stone Age taking the initiative in food gathering, while owls stood guard late into the night.

So for those who constantly complain that someone sleeps into the early afternoon because they’ve been up all night, it may not be their fault.

However because of this sleep schedule things can often be tough for night owls because most employers/colleges expect people to be able to work to the best of their ability which can be hard for Night Owls since they’re more productive, and active during the night time periods. However those who owned their own business were more likely to be successful if they were Night Owls.

Further studies went onto show that whilst early risers and Night Owls would do just as well on tests within the first hour of waking up, 10 hours into the day it would be the Night Owls that would have the edge, whilst the early risers felt sleepier, and more worn out from the day.


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