Blog Recap

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Mentalism

Blog Recap

Since starting this blog back in October I’ve written a number of articles on a various number of subjects, a majority of these cover Micro-expressions, Cold Reading and some self help tips which included improving memory and becoming more interesting around friends by seeing whether they’re bored with what you’re talking about.  Today I decided that in order to help bring all these subjects together I’d create an article linking back to all the older articles that I have created during the last few months so if you’re new to this blog, or you’ve been following my blog but missed a couple of articles, they’re all together and can be read with a quick click of the mouse.

To start off the list we’re going way back to one of my first blogs which touched upon the subject of Micro-expressions and explaining exactly what they are and how to look for them. I have really only briefly touched upon them in this article, and I will be writing more about them in the near future.

CLICK HERE to view Micro-Expression article.

The next article is part 1&2 of detecting lies. In these articles I explained the importance of discovering someones baseline, and then explained how to look for lies once you know their baseline.

CLICK HERE to view the “Discovering a Baseline Part 1” article.

CLICK HERE to view the “Baseline + Spotting Lies Part 2” article.

The next article on our list talks about Somer Thompson and how her mothers behaviour after her murder seemed “off” it might be a good idea to watch the video first before reading what I wrote about this, that way you can gather your own thoughts and ideas about the way she’s behaving.

CLICK HERE to view the “Somer Thompson” article.

Our next article was more of a convenience thing for me so that I could go back and recap on things to look out for when I think someone maybe lieing. I wrote these notes whilst I was researching into the Deception Detection side of things.

CLICK HERE to view “Deception Detection Notes” article.

The next article on the list talks about distancing language, and how this can be used to place yourself further away from an object/person while telling a lie, this article features a video of one of the worlds most known lie.

CLICK HERE to view “Distancing Language” article.

Moving onto our more recent articles now, and what better way to do so with a few cold reading articles. The articles below explain what cold reading is, what effect it can have, and how you can use it with just a little practice.

CLICK HERE to view “Introduction to Cold Reading” article.

CLICK HERE to view “Cold Reading Techniques” article.

CLICK HERE to view “Cold Reading – Putting it into Action” article.

The next couple of articles are “self help” articles. This first one talks about building a memory palace and explains how this can help you remember very long lists simply by walking around your memory.

CLICK HERE to view “Memory Palace” article.

The next article is another “self help” article and describes three key ways to tell whether someone is interested in what you’re talking about, knowing these fairly simple keys can help you become far more interesting to friends, and people you’ve only just met.

CLICK HERE to view “Conversation Tips” article.

This last article on the list is something fun that you can do, if you’re the type of person that just loves to wind someone up then this article is almost certainly for you.

CLICK HERE to view “Escalating Conflicts” article.


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