Think Simple to Solve Complex Problems

Posted: March 14, 2010 in Mentalism

Only a short blog today to explain the importance of thinking simple to solve complex problems. When you’re trying to solve a difficult problem, chances are you get into it and you over think everything, and in the end your brain hurts and you give up.

There is one fundamental mistake everyone makes when trying to solve a complex problem, and that’s thinking it over too much, if you were to take a step back from the problem, let your mind relax and look at the bigger picture, then chances are the solution will come to you. If the problem is very complex and involves a lot of thinking and decision making, then take a step back, relax, observe the big picture, and then go to bed. Research has shown that when we have a problem to solve, and we go to bed relax then sometimes the solution can come to us in our dreams, or sometimes we may wake up and then realize exactly what needs to be done to sufficiently solve the problem.

So next time you need to do a bit of problem solving, try it, its certainly a much easier way of doing things.


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