Weather Update – Wet Weekend

Posted: March 19, 2010 in Mentalism

Click on the image to view the rain chart for Saturday.

During the last couple of weeks high pressure has been in charge of our weather which has brought settled conditions across many areas, even though it was somewhat cloudy at times.

Through the weekend and into next week high the Atlantic will begin to take charge again bringing increasingly unsettled weather, although because winds will be of a Westerly direction it should stay generally warm.

Saturday brings the start of the pattern change with an area of moderate rain pushing North-Eastwards associated with an area of low pressure, the heaviest of the rainfall will be towards the North and West, the further South-East you are the lighter and patchier the rainfall will be. The far North of Scotland should remain dry but it will be cloudy. Highs of 13-15c in sunny spells.

Sunday will see the showery rain clearing the South-East through the morning and into the afternoon, locally heavier bursts are likely. Brighter conditions will follow on behind, especially across Central Southern England. Another area of showery rain will work its way into the North-West through the later stages of the afternoon. Highs of 15c in the sunshine.

Next week continues with the unsettled theme with further rain for all, although in between bands of rain it will turn brighter with temperatures hovering around the mid teens.


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