Mentalist Tip – Swami Gimmick

Posted: March 20, 2010 in Mentalism

The Swami Gimmick is a must have tool if you want to become a true Mentalist. The Swami Gimmick is very small piece of plastic in which a piece of led can easily be fitted into, it then slots just underneath the fingernail on your thumb and can be used to write things whilst your hand is behind your back.

Using the Swami Gimmick is great for mind reading tricks because you can easily fool someone since the Swami Gimmick is almost undetectable because they wont be looking for it, and the good thing is, it can be used over and over again,

You can use it to “predict” someones birthday. Simply ask someone to think of their birthday, ask them to picture the date appearing in their mind and then ask them to say it over and over again to themselves, after a few seconds take a pencil and pretend to write down something on a piece of paper, then give them the pencil and hold the piece of paper, which is blank at this stage, behind your back.

This is where the Swami Gimmick comes in, ask them to tell you when their birthday is. You’ll then have to stall whilst you write the date that they’ve just told you onto the piece of paper using the Gimmick. You can ask them questions about their birthday, ask them if they know exactly which day of the week they were born, etc.. just do something to give you a little time in order to write their birthday down.

You then reveal the prediction and you’re right, which surprises them and everyone will wonder how its done, and will believe that you can truly read minds.

Using the Swami Gimmick does take some practice, however once you master it, can be used for brilliant tricks to astonish friends and people you’ve only just met. The good thing about it is that you don’t have to limit it to just a birthday, you can ask them to think of a certain word, or even a number a 4 digit number and you’ll be able to get it right every single time.

The Swami Gimmick is fairly cheap and can be found in all major magic shops.

  1. ross says:

    I love that, that is awesome. Good post

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