Body Language – Gesture Slip

Posted: March 23, 2010 in Mentalism

Gesture slips happen all the time and are the work of the subconscious. An example of a gesture slip would be accidently saying something. For example if you suspected someone of stealing someone and you asked them whether they had taken it or not, and they reply  “Ye.. no, why would I take that?” Thats a classic slip up, they go to say yes but then realize what they’re saying and change it to a no, followed by a deflecting question.

Another gesture slip is one Barack Obama showed whilst talking to John McCain. He itched the side of his face and then put up his middle finger and that’s what’s shown in the picture to the left. This was Barack Obama subconsciously telling John McCain to f*** off and this is something that you should look out for.

I’ve seen a lecture of mine do this whilst teaching one of my classes. A student in the class had clearly annoyed him, he then told that stupid to be quiet and showed him the finger by itching his face, whether this was intentional or not I don’t know, however it’s not something this particular lecturer would usually do, so I suspect it was subconscious. So next time you’re watching a politician talking about another party leader, or when you’re listening to someone speaking about someone else whilst they’re in the room, you should look out for this gesture slip.


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