Introvert VS Extrovert – What are they?

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Mentalism

Being able to define someones personality into either Introvert or Extrovert can help you greatly improve the accuracy of your reading. The two are complete opposites of each other, however no single person is simply one of the other, usually people with have a mix between the two but more often than not lean towards one more than the other. So with that said, we’ll move on and first I’m going to talk about Introverts.


Many people define Introverts as shy, quiet people, however being an Introvert doesn’t really have much to do with shyness, shyness often comes with anxiety, worry, etc. The reason people often all Introverts shy is because they are often quiet people who enjoy spending time alone gathering their thoughts, they’ll often avoid social situations such as parties, clubbing etc.. if they can because they find this drains their energy. Introverts re-gain energy by spending time alone and enjoying their own company, they don’t feel the need to be in social situations all the time. Being an introvert does not mean people who fall into this category don’t have conversation, but usually when they do, the conversation the conversation is usually about general ideas and concepts, rather than social small talk.


Extroverts are completely the opposite of Introverts, most people define them as friendly and outgoing, while this is true, this is not the true meaning of an Extrovert. Unlike Introverts, Extroverts re-energize themselves by being around other people. They enjoy the company of others and when alone tend to get bored quite quickly and would rather be talking to someone. Extroverts think best whilst they are talking, whilst Introverts will often think before they talk. Extroverts are the life of the party and have no trouble striking up conversations, which makes them seem more socially adapt than Introverts.

Now that you know which both of these categories mean, it’ll be easier for you to get an accurate read on someone. Usually people fall into both of these categories, almost everyone will enjoy some quiet time alone, however Extroverts will limit this time alone and will much prefer to be out and explained above, whilst Introverts much prefer time alone, they may head off to a club now and again with friends to socialize.

So if you know someone who is always going out and they always complain about being bored when they’re home, then chances are they will be an Extrovert.

People can easily be put into these categories. And this will lead me onto my next article which I will publish tomorrow entitled “Cold Reading Through Facebook” in which you can use this Introvert and Extrovert technique to guage an accurate reading of someone you’ve never met before, over Facebook.

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