Cold Reading Through Facebook

Posted: April 7, 2010 in Mentalism

So we’ve discussed Cold Reading in general and talked about some of the techniques involved, but what about a different form of Cold Read? What about making someone you’ve never met in person believe you know all about them, all through the wonders of the Social Networking site Facebook?

During the last month or so I’ve been practicing this with various people, sometimes I’ve gotten to talking to someone on someone else’s status updates and I’ve started off the read by saying something along the lines of “I’m getting some Psychic vibes about you..” which then lead me into doing some cold reading.

To start off with, you must find someone that you haven’t really spoken to before, someone who you’ve never spoken to before would be better, however I don’t advise you search randomly for someone and send them a message, because this could seem a little strange, this technique works best if you’ve just started talking to someone through someone elses Facebook.

A quick glance at their Facebook profile can tell you a fair amount about them, are there lots of pictures of them out partying? Are they with anyone? What does the info tell you about them? How do they dress in the photos? Are there mainly photos of themselves or with friends? What have they said on their status updates? Do they mention about being bored quite often? Look for patterns. If someones status updates are constantly about them being bored, then you can gather from this that they get bored fairly easily and probably prefer to be out with friends, rather than sitting at home. This means they’re more likely to be extroverts rather than introverts (see extroverts and introverts article HERE)  doing this can begin to give you a general idea about what they might be like and what they prefer to be doing.

This may seem fairly obvious but many people wouldn’t expect you to be able to gauge this information simply by looking at their profile, and because people like to hear things about themselves, they’ll usually find some way of putting this together. I’ll give you an example below and then I’ll write what I would say to them based on the information present, to give you the basic idea.

Sarah’s Facebook Page

Pictures with lots of friends
Status updates about being bored
Status updates complaining about parents
Groups joined about drinking and partying

Based on the information given above, I’d usually write a statement like the one I’ve just made up below.

“You like to hang out with friends and when you’re not with them you tend to get bored easily. You love going out to parties and having fun. While you sometimes get along with your parents a majority of the time you don’t, the reason being is that they don’t like the lifestyle you live by so are often complaining about it to you or having a go at you.”

That will usually do to begin with, and obviously the parental issue will only arise if they are slightly younger, you can adapt this based on the information present on their Facebook page.

The good thing about doing it through Facebook is that even if you do get something wrong, you can simply blame it on not being there with them and not being able to get a fully accurate read. There have been times when I’ve got things practically 100% spot on, and other times when I’ve only got it 50% right. The key to success with this is being creative and being observant, being able to pick out information from a few pictures and status updates. People are usually interested when they ask how you knew, in which you can go on to explain how you’re psychic, or you can simply tell them how you did it. Have fun practicing and let me know how you get on.

  1. Whitney says:

    It worked pretty well, I even fooled this one kid into believing I was psychic, too!

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