Covert Hypnosis – How It’s Done

Posted: April 15, 2010 in Mentalism

You’ve heard of conventional hypnosis when somebody wants, and knows they are going to be hypnotized, but what if you could successfully hypnotize someone without them knowing it? That’s where Covert Hypnosis or “Conversational Hypnosis”  comes in. Hypnotizing someone simply by talking to them and using certain words may seem hard or almost impossible, but its surprisingly easy when you know how its done, and probably something many people wished they could do, but the truth is, just about anyone can do it with a little practice.

Hitler used Covert Hypnosis a lot in his speeches, as do a lot of politicians to try and get you to side with them rather than their opponent. There are three important steps that must be followed in order for convert hypnosis to work, covert hypnosis can be used to cheer someone up, lower their stress levels and even get them working towards their goals.

The three steps are, Building Rapport, Switching off the Critical Mind and giving them subtle, hypnotic commands.

Building Rapport

Building Rapport is very easy to do, building rapport simply means making a connection with that person which allows them to trust you. You already have Rapport with friends and family, and building Rapport with someone knew is easy. Mirroring someones body language, making eye contact and laughing at their jokes help build Rapport with someone very quickly. Once the Rapport is built, you can move on to the next step.

Switch Off The Critical Mind

Switching off the Critical Mind is best done by using words and phases such as “Imagine” or “What If” using these phrases immediately bypass the Critical Mind and move straight into the imagination which is very important. If you ask someone to imagine something, then they will immediately imagine that in their head. For example, “What if a black cat could fly” Chances are, you’re now imagining a flying black cat. Switching off the Critical Mind leads right into giving hypnotic commands, which is the third and final important step.

Giving Hypnotic Commands

Once you’ve completed the first two steps, you can then begin to give someone hypnotic commands and start making them do things that you’d like them to do. For example, if you want to calm someone down and lower their stress levels, the following paragraph should work well in doing that.

Imagine you’re on a beach somewhere, listening to the waves lapping at the shoreline, imagine soft, soothing music playing in the background with the warm sun glowing down onto you, what if you could feel incredibly relaxed and happy, with no care in the world? Can you imagine that? Imagine how nice you’d be able to feel if that were possible.”

I’ve put the hypnotic commands in italics, as you can see I’m being repetitive in saying the word “imagine” and i’m also playing into their other senses, such as being able to hear the music, and feeling the warm sun on their skin. If you’re repetitive and play into someones senses, they will really be able to imagine themselves their and their stress levels should drop almost immediately.

Remember, this can work on anyone at anytime, as long as you follow these three, but yet important steps into convert hypnosis.

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