Volcanic Activity Increases

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Mentalism

Well, the Volcano is continuing to cause major disruption across the UK and Europe for the 4th day running today. Many flights across the United Kingdom and Europe will remain grounded. Some major airline companies have cancelled all flights until Wednesday due to the extensive ash cloud across Europe. Despite reports that the amount of ash coming out of the volcano has dropped, due to weather patterns across much of Europe the ash already in place is not dispersing .

Some airports have been able to open temporarily because of clearer slots in the ash, however they are expected to close again as the ash pushes back in. There is unlikely to be much change for the next few days at least, however clearance could be possible towards the end of the week when High Pressure begins to move away allowing a low pressure system to push through. However at this stage it’s still fairly unknown exactly what will happen.

Some reports from the Volcano in Iceland suggest activity is increasing and will continue to increase over the next couple of days, despite this the ash coming out of the volcano at the moment has lessened. Fears are continuing to grow of an eruption of the larger, nearby volcano Katla who last erupted for over a year in the 1800’s. If the ice around the volcano begins to melt from the heat, then an eruption is likely, suggest scientists currently monitoring the volcano.


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