Learn To Look – Get a Better Read

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Mentalism

The mistake people frequently make when first learning to read someone’s body language is that they either forget to look, or are just too shy to look. If you don’t look then you’re going to miss important cues that could tell you the information that you’re looking to find out about a person.

There’s a simple to to overcome this. Next time you’re in a conversation look at yourself and to see how frequently you look at that persons face, if you discover that you’re looking away from their face a majority of the time then its time to start watching their face for facial expressions would could reveal whether they’re telling the truth or not. If you’re someone who generally makes little eye contact then you may find this step fairly hard. Have you noticed that you make more eye contact with those you’re closest too? And you can often tell whether they’re telling the truth or not? This is because you’re seeing their facial expressions and you’re able to see the signs of deception.

The reason for this article is simply to highlight the mistakes that people often make in the beginning so that you can quickly work on overcoming them. Once you’ve overcome this mistake and you begin to look and see those expressions and body language cues, your accuracy is likely to improve instantly.


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