Two Rules For Accurate Reading

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Mentalism

When you begin observing and reading other peoples body language, it’s very easy to become confused and misread things. There are three very important rules you must abide by in order to be a more accurate, and successful body language reader. In this article I am going to discuss those three rules and explain why they’re important in gaining an accurate read.

Rule 1. Read Gestures in Clusters

When someone is talking, they use sentences to explain what they mean. For example, the word “dressing” has several different meanings, these include getting dressed, a dressing for a salad, and a dressing can also be used on a wound caused by injury, it’s only when the word “dressing” is put into context with other words that we can understand it’s use and meaning. The same goes for Body Language gestural cues. Someone scratching their head can have many different meanings, sweating, insecurities, lying, forgetfulness or dandruff. It’s only when you look at the other gestures that go along with it, that we can begin to understand what that body language gestural cue means. Here’s an example of what a cluster of gestures may look like.

If someone has their thumb and middle finger underneath their chin supporting it, while having their index finger pointing up across their cheek, on its own, this could simply mean boredom. However, if you see other gestures such as tightly crossed legs and their head tilted slightly down, this would probably mean that they’re not happy with what you’re saying or what they disagree with you. So single gestures can’t tell us much, but clusters of gestures can.

Rule 2. Read Gestures in Context

All gestures should be considered in the context in which they occur. If for example on a cold winters day someone is sitting at the bus stop with his arms and legs tightly crossed and his chin down, then this would suggest that hes feeling cold and trying to warm himself up, rather than feeling defensive. If however the same gestures occurred whilst this person was sitting across the table from you whilst you were trying to sell him an idea, then chances are this particular gesture would mean that he’s not agreeing with you.

The rules above are the two most important rules when it comes to reading someones body language. Always make sure you see a cluster of gestures before coming to a conclusion, and make sure those gestures are in context to whats going on around you, and them.


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