7 Ways To Break Your Comfort Zone

Posted: April 24, 2010 in Mentalism

7 Ways To Break Your Comfort Zone

Doing something you fear, is the best way to break your comfort zone.

No-body likes to change. Once you become familiar with doing certain things and comfortable with them, they quickly become what’s known as your “comfort zone” and anything outside of this comfort zone may make you feel nervous because you’re not used to doing them, and therefore do not feel comfortable doing them. If you want to live a more interesting, and exciting life, then it’s vital that you’re able to break that comfort zone, and that’s what todays article is about.

1. Attack Your Fears – But Slowly

Imagine yourself and a Theme Park and you’re looking up at one of the worlds longest, fasted and highest roller-coasters,  the adrenaline is already beginning to pump around your body at just the thought of going around it, you’re shaking and you have that horrible gut feeling being caused by the nerves. What do you do? Do you walk away and not get that thrilling, exciting experience? Or do you face your fears and go on that roller-coaster anyway?

The best way to overcome your fear is to face it, whilst the above attacks the fear dead on, the best way to face a fear is to do it step by step, that way it’ll be a more comfortable and smoother transition. Becoming more socially friendly can take time, but when done in small steps, will be easy for you to do. Don’t start by going up to someone and asking them out on a date, because that’s a big step to take, and, quite frankly, scary. So start by simply saying “hello” to people, even if you don’t know them, just smile and say hello as you pass. If you do this for a couple of days you’ll notice yourself begin to become more comfortable doing it.

Identify your fear and then set ahead in breaking that fear down, step by step.

2. Try Something Weird

There’s a different between trying something  new and trying something weird. If you simply try something new, you’re more than likely going to choose something in line with your personality and therefore, within your comfort zone. By trying something weird, you’re doing something that you wouldn’t usually do, do something that your friends and family wouldn’t expect you to do. Choosing something out of character will help widen your comfort zone.

3. Make A New Friend

This isn’t just about meeting new people. But doing something different will expose you to new ideas and interests. When you meet someone knew, you often meet their friends and do things that they would usually do, maybe they do things completely different to what you would do, so this will help break your current comfort zone. You could also buy a book from an author you’ve never read before, or search for a random article on the Internet and read that. Whatever it maybe, make sure its something different to what you usually do.

4. Take A Friend With You

Do you remember that roller-coaster example I used at the beginning of this article? Well, this fits in perfectly here. Imagine yourself at the bottom of that roller-coaster once again, you’ve decided to go on the roller-coaster despite the fear that you’re feeling. You want to face that fear. Would you rather face it on your own? Or would you rather face it with a friend? I think a majority of people would rather face that fear with a friend, because it’ll help them feel safer.

If you’re going to a party where you know very few people, then taking a friend along with you might be a good idea, because that way, you’ll know at least one person at that party and will have someone to fall back on, should something go wrong. Having a friend there is a good way to meet new people and getting started on improving your general social skills. However, you should make sure that you focus on meeting with new people, rather than spending the whole night just talking to your friend.

5. Prepare Yourself

Have you ever been scared to do something, and then once you’ve done it, realized that it wasn’t quite as bad as you were imagining in your mind? This is often the case, when we feel scared, our brain often plays tricks on us and starts imagining worst case scenarios, just like the roller-coaster example, you might start thinking “What if I fall out?” etc.. we know that we’ll be safe, but we can’t help getting worried due to over imagining.

If you’re going somewhere and you’re worried about it, find out as much information as you can. Search the Internet for information, or pick up leaflets. Finding out information can help reduce the amount of fear of doing it. Just remember, it’s never as bad as you imagine.

6. Remember The Positive Memories

Try and focus on the good things that happened last time you broke out of your comfort zone. Remember that time you did decide to face your fear and go on that roller-coaster? Remember how exciting and fun it was going around the big loops at high speeds. Remember that time you asked that girl out on a date and she said yes, and you had a great time together.

Our brain often remembers negative things that have happened and then enhances them. Try and learn to think more positively, and you’ll begin to fear things less.

7. Using Other Methods

There are other ways that can help lift your mood and stop you from being fearful, positive thinking is one of the more powerful ones, but there are other methods that you can use:

Music – Listening to positive upbeat music can help raise our mood, and stop us from feeling as much fear.
Move Confidently – If you act more confident with your body language and the way you walk, you’ll begin to feel that confidence inside. Fake it until you make it.
Breath Deeply – Deep, cleansing breaths can help reduce nerves and calm you down. Whenever you feel yourself getting anxious, pause for a moment, and do some deep breathing exercises.
Use Visualization – Close your eyes and Visualize how well it could go, by doing this, you’re feeding positivity into your mind and it’ll make you feel better.

So, there are the top 7 tips for quickly, and efficiently breaking out of your comfort zone to live a more interesting life.


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