Contact Mind Reading

Posted: May 3, 2010 in Mentalism

What is Contact Mind Reading?

Contact Mind Reading is possibly the closest you can get to real mind reading. Contact Mind Reading allows you to discover where someone has hidden something by feeling their Ideomotor responses. Ideomotor responses are very subtle muscle movements which occur subconsciously when someone is telling you which way to go with their mind. Some people will have stronger Ideomotor movements than others, so it’ll be a good idea to practice on a few people to find out what you should be feeling for.

How Can I Read Ideomotor Movements?

Below I have written a couple of experiments that you can try to practice, and perfect Contact Mind Reading, these involves holding someones hand in order to detect these subconscious motor movements. In order for this to be effective, it is important that you hold the persons hand in the correct way to ensure that you feel any slight resistance. You should lightly take hold of your subjects wrist, holding it from above (this works best if you’re holding their dominant hand i.e, the one they write with) with your right hand, and gently support the fingers and thumb with your left hand. Be sure to only hold their hand lightly as this will enable their subconscious to move it subtly. Unknown to the subject, and indeed anyone who may be watching, the subject with subconsciously lead you in the correct direction, and you can detect this by simply paying attention to the slight hand movements. You will also notice a slight, and subtle pull of resistance if you attempt to move in the wrong direction.

To really enhance the effect, you should wear a blindfold. This enables you to tune out from everything around you, and really focus on the movements in the hand muscles. Be sure to tell your subject to NOT lead you in the direction of the hidden, or thought of object.

Experiment 1 – Finding an Object

In this experiment you are going to ask someone in the room to hide a small object such as a coin, mobile phone, etc.. anything that’s small and easy to hide. Be sure to state that the object must not be hidden above your shoulders or below your knees, this simply makes it easier for you to find the object when it comes to doing the Contact Reading. Be sure to leave the room whilst someone hides the object, if there are other people in the room then take someone else out with you, so that they know you haven’t been looking to see where the chosen object was hidden. Once the object has been hidden, walk back into the room and choose someone to mind read, make sure you choose someone who will be willing to co-operate with your instructions, to make it easier for you.

Walk into the middle of the room with the person you are going to read, at this point you can ask to be blind folded if you wish, this will enhance the effect of the trick, however it’s not necessary. Ask your subject, and everyone in the room to focus on nothing but where that object is hidden, tell them to say the place over and over again in their minds, and then tell your subject NOT to lead you to the hidden object.

Now it’s time to do the trick, concentrate on the subtle movements in your subjects hand, whenever you feel a slight pull of resistance, you will know that you are moving in the wrong direction. When this happens, feel for a movement in another direction since this will indicate which way you should now move. By following these impulses and pulls, you will slowly be led close to the hidden object.

When you feel a clear, stronger resistance you will know that you are getting closer to the hidden object, at this point, ask them to focus even harder on that object and tell them to silently, in their mind tell you which direction you need to go, tell them to repeat that in their mind.

When you believe you are close to the hidden object, you may remove your blindfold and have a look in the location you are in, you will find the object there, probably hidden under or behind something.

Experiment 2 – Find the Person

This is good with a large group of people. While you are out of the room, ask the group to choose one person to be “It”. You then use the same procedure as Experiment 1 to discover the chosen person (make sure it is not the person who is leading you)

Tips for a successful Performance

  • Generally it is best to choose someone who believes that the experiment will work. Don’t try this when you have been drinking alcohol, and don’t choose a person who has been drinking.
  • If the person you are working with is not a good subject, choose someone else if you can. Make sure that your instructions are clear, and repeat them as often as necessary
  • If someone asks you how you are able to do this, do not be afraid to call it “Contact Mind Reading”. However, do not call it “Muscle Reading”.

Practice makes perfect, so if you get it wrong the first couple of times, keep at it, you’ll soon get the hang of it and you’ll soon get a “feel” for who would be a good subject, and who would be a bad subject.


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