The Devils in the Detail

Posted: May 4, 2010 in Mentalism

I’ve slightly covered this before, but to be a successful reader you MUST be able to pay close attention to the small details, it’s surprising just what they can tell you.

This will only be a short article, but the exercise I’ve made below for you could help you become more aware of the details that surround you, you just have to draw your attention to them.

Look up, right now, just look directly up. RIGHT NOW! Do not read any further until you have LOOKED UP!

What do you see? Chances are you see your ceiling, but is that all you see? I’m now going to ask you to look up again, but this time, pay attention. I want you to draw the details into your mind, notice the little lines, the patterns and the markings on the ceiling, notice the dents and the tiny little cracks. Just notice the detail, and look at it, do that now, look up and notice that detail.

It’s detail like you’ve just seen that can tell you a lot about a person. When I’m out I like to play a game with myself, I call it “30 Second Profile” in which I give myself just 30 seconds to gather as much information about someone as I can and draw a conclusion. This is a great little game to play whilst you’re waiting for a bus, or waiting in a queue in a shop, not only does it pass time, but it also teaches you the most important thing at all, it teaches you to look at the details.

So next time you’re waiting around for something or you’re just out and about, look at someone, draw your attention to what they’re wearing, are they married? How is their hair done? Is it done professionally? Are their nails done professionally? How do they walk and hold themselves? Do they have good posture? Do they look tired? What age would you guess they were?

Once you’ve done this, draw a conclusion in your mind about what you think this person is like, it might be absolutely wrong, but doing this allows you to notice the details and it’ll come more naturally to you after some practice. Using this tip along with the Cold Reading can greatly improve your accuracy. Give it a go.


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