Low Confidence/Disbelieve Signs

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Body Language Gestures can be very telling about what someone is feeling at any given moment, although Body Language Cues can tell us what someone is feeling, it can’t tell us why. In this article I’m going to discuss some of the common gestures that show doubt and low confidence in what someone has just said, which can be a big clue in detecting whether someone is telling the truth or not.

Lip Pursing

The most common doubtful expression occurs around the lips, when someone tells you something and then presses their lips together in a “I don’t know” way, this can suggest they were doubtful in what they have just said which could be a clue to them lying, or perhaps they’re just not quite sure of the answer they’ve just given.

Hand Rubbing

If someone is nervous whilst answering a question, you may see them fiddling with a ring on their finger or simply squeezing one hand with their other hand. This could simply mean that they’re nervous/uncomfortable talking to you, it really does depend on the situation. However, if it’s someone you know fairly well and they don’t usually make this gesture whilst talking to you, then it could be a sign that they have just told you a lie.

Stepping Back

Another fairly common Body Language Gesture is stepping backwards after speaking. Politicians often do this if they have just told a lie. Taking a step back after you have spoken shows doubt, it shows a withdrawal from the crowd which can suggest a lie has just been told.

Voice Dropping Off

When someone is telling the truth, they’ll be confident in what they’re saying and this will show through their voice. Their voice will be strong and assertive, however when they begin to lie, they may lose confidence in what they’re saying and this can cause someones voice to soften and become a little quieter, when this happens, it suggests low confidence in what they are saying.

Shoulder Shrug

The one sided shoulder shrug is a classic example of someone feeling doubt in what they’ve just said. Shrugging of shoulders is often associated with saying “I don’t know” so when someone is talking and explaining something to you and you see one of their shoulders move up, drop down, or move slightly backwards, this can suggest that they don’t really know what they’re saying, and this shows doubt which again, could be a clue to figuring out whether someone is lying or not.

Shaking Head No

Imagine the following sequence of events. A wife asks her husband whether he phoned up PC World to see whether they had a computer in stock, it was VERY important that he made that phone call but he forgot to make it. When her husband replies “Yes” to her wife, he shakes his head subtly side to side as if to say no. The Body Language gesture contradicts what he is saying, and chances are, the Body Language Cue will be the truth. So if you’re having a conversation with someone and they’re telling you something that happened, but continue to subtly shake their head to say no, chances are, he or she will be lying.

Evening written above is to be used as a guide and in the context in which they are described. Before coming to a conclusion you should look for clusters of gestures because they’re much more likely to be reliable than a single gesture on its own.


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