Cold Reading Technique – Psychometry

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Psychometry is another brilliant way in which you can convince someone that you’re psychic even if this is the first time meeting them before. Many TV Psychics hold someone of the subjects because they claim it helps them get a more accurate read. You can do the same, to a point. The following technique can work without any practice, although the more practice you have the better you’ll become.

Once you’ve chosen a subject that you’d like to give a Cold Reading or “Psychic Reading” to, scan them, observe what they’re wearing and try and conjure up an image of what this person may be like, does he/she seem quiet and withdrawn? Does he/she have a wedding ring? You get the idea.

Once you’ve done this, you can then ask the subject if they’ve ever had a Psychic reading, and then go onto explain that you’re a Psychic and that you’d like to give her a reading, if she agrees, ask her if you can hold a personal item of hers. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you’re holding something that belongs to her.

Sit down with her, and close your eyes whilst holding the item. Feel it with your fingers for a short while and say the first image that comes into your mind, it doesn’t matter what that image is but put it forward to your subject. If a white door pops into your head for example, tell her you’re seeing a white door and ask her if that means anything to her. She’ll then be scanning her memory for a white door, which may be linked to her parents house.

If she says yes, add on to what she says, for example, if she says that it was the colour of her parents house you can start talking about that. If she’s a younger women then shes probably had some ups and downs with her parents, which you can then say “Yes, I sense you had some ups and downs with your parents during your childhood” Just start to generalize, most younger people have ups and downs with their parents, but she’ll make it fit. Generalize what someone of the subjects age probably would have been through. For an older lady, you can talk about how she’s concerned about her parents health.

Take the generalities of someone you know and apply them to the reading, if you can’t think of someone, apply generalities of your life into the reading.

Generalizations work because they’re often positive generalizations, and if you’re saying something positive the subject will work hard at making what you say fit with them, making it appear as if you’re psychic.

If you’re subject says no, and that a white door doesn’t mean anything to them, don’t worry. You can say that it stands as a symbol of something. Almost everyone has dreams that they know wont be reached but they can’t let go of, so you could say “You have a dream that you’d like to achieve but you feel you will never get there, you can achieve it, but you need to open this door, you need to find the key”

If you don’t get any images in your mind in the first place, which is highly unlikely, then you can just make something up and fit it into the reading. Try and use an image that could have lots of meanings, trees (playing in the park) Paper, etc..

If you do run out of things to say, simply tell them that you’re not getting anything through and the channel has gone cold, and then simply thank them and leave.

The good thing about Psychometry is that it can be done anywhere, and if you’re new to trying it, then you should get lots of images popping into your mind in which you’ll be able to use.

  1. Cold reading has always astonished people. And what’s not to be amazed about? Whether or not the person can’t genuinely read your brain as he might read words in a novel, there’s still something undeniably striking about a person who can read you in an instant.

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