PDF Booklet Out Now

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s finally here. The PDF Booklet is available for you to download absolutely free with no hidden costs. It will be the first of a three part booklet that will be being uploaded during the next month or so. This booklet covers everything from Micro-expressions to Cold Reading. The second booklet will discuss NLP and explain in detail exactly what it is, and what it means and the third will be a booklet of Mentalism Magic tricks that I’ve learned.

Anyway, before I go on and on, i’ll get right to it with your free PDF booklet.

The_Art_of_Mentalism << PDF Booklet. Click to Download

Once you’ve downloaded your copy you’re free to distribute it as you like. However, all information within the booklet must be kept in its original format and must not be changed.

  1. Clas says:

    Great booklet. I’ve read dozens of books on this subject (body language, micro expressions, speech patterns etc) and just want to say that I found this to be a very nice summary on the facts.
    Nice, clean and easily understandable.

    I’m very excited for the upcomming two (if you’ll upload them, otherwise PLEASE send me them :))
    And again, great work!


  2. Alan Mueller says:

    Not finding any thing at all. Could this possible be a dead link by now?

  3. Richard says:

    Excellent book. Do you know where I can find the other two books or can you email them to me?

  4. Brian Nicolson says:

    Love the blog you have written. Just downloaded the first of your booklets, as the other two are not on this link could you send them to me please, also have you any suggested books that I would find usefully along the mentalisim lines. Thanks , Brian .

  5. Martin says:


    Cool book, i’d like to read it on my cellphone. Would it be possible to persuade you to make a html or epub format of the book?

    Kind regards

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