Posted: June 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

You’ve probably at some point read your Horoscope out of interest to find out what it says about you, and chances are at least some of it turned out to be accurate for you, or maybe it fitted you perfectly and you were surprised with its accuracy. The truth is, horoscopes are very vague and rely on the effort of the reader to make them fit. If someone is reading a horoscope then chances are they’ll be looking for guidance or they’ll believe in the accuracy of horoscopes, so they’ll try to make that fit in with their lives, its a very basic form of Cold Reading.

In this article I’m going to teach you how to write a horoscope. Learning how to be vague, whilst making yourself sound like your telling someone whats happening, or will happening in their life is easier than you might imagine. Below I’ve written my own short horoscope for you to read, it may, or may not be accurate for you, however if you try, you will probably be able to relate to at least some of it.

“Although times have been tough recently, things will begin to improve for you. You’ve been worried about something recently, but things will work themselves out. Look for a sign, a sign will lead you to the path of happiness and success that you are looking for”

Now, I’ve been very vague but at the same time, i’ve thrown in some “Cold Reading” phrases to help things along. Although many newspaper horoscopes are a little longer than this one, I’m just doing a basic one to give you the general idea. I’m now going to break that horoscope down to show you the different meanings that can be attained from what i’ve said above, which should allow you to see just how many people this could be true for.

“You’ve been worried about something recently” – This could mean absolutely anything, things have been tough for many people recently due to the recession, and many people are worried about their financial situation. It could also be related to a relationship,  family issues, or something they have planned. This phrase could mean absolutely anything, and a large number of people are often worried about something, so this should fit a majority of people who read it.

You should always try to throw in some positive phrases too “a sign will lead you to the path of happiness and success that you are looking for” If you throw in something positive then the reader is more likely to accept the reading, everyone loves to be told something positive, just like in Cold Reading, if you give a generally positive read, they are more likely to accept that reading as being accurate. So next time you get into the conversation of Horoscopes with someone, why not ask them if you can give them a quick reading.


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