Pick Up Artists – How Do They Do It? PT 1

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s been a while since my last blog entry, and recently I’ve been reading up and studying Pick Up Artists, or PUA for short. Have you ever wondered how some guys seem to get all the girls effortlessly? You’re probably looking at them and thinking “you’re not even that good looking, how are you doing it?”

The truth is, attracting a woman isn’t all that hard if you know how to do it. The only thing you have to remember is to be yourself and expel confidence. You could try all the techniques in the world but if you’re lacking that confidence then your techniques are likely to fail. The reason behind this article is to give you the basic techniques that will help you attract women, but without the confidence they’re likely to fail

There are a number of ways to show confidence, even if you just fake that confidence chances are, after a while of faking it, you’ll genuinely start to feel more confident within yourself.

The truth is, men are hardwired to go for the most attractive women, whilst women are hardwired to go for the most confident man, although good looks will give you the initial attraction, if you haven’t got the personality to suit it, women will go off you fairly quickly. Women find confidence hot, even if you’re not the best looking person, if you have confidence, then you’re well on your way to becoming a pickup artist. There are Four steps to picking up a woman, these are listed, and explained in detail below.


Confidence is key to being a good Pick Up Artist, if you’re able to show that you’re confident then you’re well on your way. Confidence is shown through the way you hold yourself, it shows through posture, the way you walk, your smile, the way you talk to people, etc.. Picture the scene, two guys are walking down the high street, one of them has their hands in their pockets, they’re looking down and avoiding eye contact with everyone, the other guy on the other hand is walking with his head up, he is standing up right, making eye contact with everyone and smiling to people. Which one of these will appear more confident? If you wish to gain confidence then you should look through some of the previous articles on this blog, or do a search on google for tips and techniques on improving your own self confidence.


The opening/approaching someone is perhaps the hardest part, if you lack self confidence then chances are when you’re talking up to a girl you don’t know, you’ll be full of anxiety. The only real way to build up self confidence is to practice, practice makes perfect. The more girls/women you approach and start a conversation with, the more self confident you’ll become in doing it. Below I’ve listed a few openers that you could use to get into a conversation.

If you’re going up to a complete stranger, maybe you’re waiting for a bus/train or something, a good way to break the ice is to walk up to someone and say

Isn’t it annoying when a complete stranger starts talking to you” be sure to smile when you say it, it’ll appear slightly cocky and should make her smile.

  • You know, I’ve been here for 10 minutes and you still haven’t spoken to me, whats that all about?
  • (If she smiles while walking past you, stop her and say) “Wait a minute, you cant smile at me like that and just walk past”
  • Smile and make eye contact
  • You look like someone I’d like to meet.
  • Where are you going?
  • (If at a bus stop) “What’s a girl like you doing at a bus stop?”
  • Hey guys, I need to get your opinion on something. It’s very important, and we need a woman’s perspective. It’s a matter of life and death.. My friend and I were having a debate and your answer could completely change my entire life….

    Do you brush before floss or floss before brush? No one knows.

  • When a girl bumps into you in a crowded club tap her on the shoulder and say “don’t touch me” . have something to immediately follow up with. (Be sure to smile and say it in a playful way, or she might take it seriously)
  • Did you know that Elvis dyed his hair black? What was his natural hair color

Asking weird, interesting questions will usually grab a girls attention, once you’ve done this and you’ve engaged in conversation, try keeping the conversation fun and light, if you start talking about yourself she’ll get bored, make the conversation about her, and be sure to make lots of eye contact and smile.

The next two steps will be available in Article 2 which will be published in the next couple of days.

  1. sumit says:

    they are the real observers…!!

  2. Lara says:

    Tbh, I’d pick a handsome guy is slightly shy rather than an attractive confident man any day. Of course being brave enough to start the conversation is necessary (as I wouldn’t assume a guy finds me attractive), but I tend to avoid confident men like the plague. Compliments and flirting from confident men while passing by is nice, but “mate” wise it is off putting. Slight nervousness or anxiety is endearing early on (b/c it’s a genuine unintentional and unrehearsed compliment)- you’ll see that attribute in every Disney movie man and many chick flicks.

  3. Nice info for you to share, but your really only need to have confidence in yourself. There are no secrets to picking up girls. Just be yourself and be confident. Woman are just as nervous as men in these situations.

    • socialkenny says:

      You’re totally right about the part of women being just as nervous.Guys fret all the time about being nervous and having AA.Imagine the girl lol.She has anxiety and is scared shit too.

  4. socialkenny says:

    Solid post bro on the basics on PU.It’d be nice if you update some content.

  5. Samuel says:

    Thanks for your incite. I enjoy mentalism and social engineering.

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