PDF Booklet Coming Soon

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I have decided that there’s one thing that this blog is missing, and that’s a PDF booklet packed full of good information and techniques that you can use to improve your Mentalism Skills.

I have been gathering pictures that’ll go well with the information I plan to talk about. The booklet should be ready within the next couple of weeks and will be uploaded directly onto this blog. I’ll try and write it so that you can simply “skip” to the sections you’re more interested in, such as Lie Detection, Cold Reading or some Mentalism Mind Tricks that you can play on your friends.

The PDF booklet will be 100% FREE for you to download with absolutely NO hidden costs.


Cold Reading Website

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Firstly, I’d like to apologise due to the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks. I’ve been very busy and I probably will be for the next couple of weeks at least, so I’ll be finding it hard to find any time to blog. In some spare time today however I came across this website which gives some fantastic information on Character Reading and Cold Reading and it’s certainly well worth the read.

You can view that website by clicking on the website address below.


Blog Change

I’ve also decided to change the style of the blog, the new template gives us that fresh, clean and modern look and is absolutely perfect for the look i’ve been wanting during the last couple of weeks. I hope you like the new layout. I should be back to blogging regularly sometime over the next couple of weeks.

If you’ve recently been hurt in some way, or there’s something bothering you that just doesn’t seem to go away, then this may be of some help to you. I’m not saying that this is a long term fix, nor am I saying that it’ll work for everybody, but why not give it a try? You never know, it could help you.

When you’re laying in bed, struggling to fall asleep because all you can think about is this certain thing thats been playing on your mind for days, I want you to focus only on whatever it maybe that’s bothering you. Notice how your breathing changes, notice how your heart rate may increase and more importantly notice how you feel inside, do you feel sad? Angry? etc.. just focus on what you’re feeling at that very moment in time.

Continue to think about whatever is affecting you and just let the emotion take over for a couple of minutes, stay laying in your bed and resist the temptation to get up and punch something, if the emotion you’re feeling is anger. If you’re feeling sadness and begin to cry, then just cry, let it all out and continue to take note of how you’re feeling. This is the hardest step to take because sometimes emotion can be overwhelming, but you only need to do this for a couple of minutes.

Once the emotion has completely taken over for a couple of minutes and you’ve recognised the emotion that you are feeling, then it’s time to imagine a box. It doesn’t matter how big that box is or what it looks like, that’s completely up to you, just imagine a box floating above your bed. I then want you to imagine all those feelings, and thoughts you’ve just experienced being put into that box followed by the lid closing, and then imagine placing that box away.

Doing the above is a way of going through that emotion, which is an important step to healing, and it also allows you to put those emotions and thoughts away to enable you to get a good nights sleep. This technique may take some practice before it begins to work efficiently, or it may work straight away. Even if you don’t believe that it’ll work, give it a go, it might just help you.

Cold Reading Technique – Psychometry

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Psychometry is another brilliant way in which you can convince someone that you’re psychic even if this is the first time meeting them before. Many TV Psychics hold someone of the subjects because they claim it helps them get a more accurate read. You can do the same, to a point. The following technique can work without any practice, although the more practice you have the better you’ll become.

Once you’ve chosen a subject that you’d like to give a Cold Reading or “Psychic Reading” to, scan them, observe what they’re wearing and try and conjure up an image of what this person may be like, does he/she seem quiet and withdrawn? Does he/she have a wedding ring? You get the idea.

Once you’ve done this, you can then ask the subject if they’ve ever had a Psychic reading, and then go onto explain that you’re a Psychic and that you’d like to give her a reading, if she agrees, ask her if you can hold a personal item of hers. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you’re holding something that belongs to her.

Sit down with her, and close your eyes whilst holding the item. Feel it with your fingers for a short while and say the first image that comes into your mind, it doesn’t matter what that image is but put it forward to your subject. If a white door pops into your head for example, tell her you’re seeing a white door and ask her if that means anything to her. She’ll then be scanning her memory for a white door, which may be linked to her parents house.

If she says yes, add on to what she says, for example, if she says that it was the colour of her parents house you can start talking about that. If she’s a younger women then shes probably had some ups and downs with her parents, which you can then say “Yes, I sense you had some ups and downs with your parents during your childhood” Just start to generalize, most younger people have ups and downs with their parents, but she’ll make it fit. Generalize what someone of the subjects age probably would have been through. For an older lady, you can talk about how she’s concerned about her parents health.

Take the generalities of someone you know and apply them to the reading, if you can’t think of someone, apply generalities of your life into the reading.

Generalizations work because they’re often positive generalizations, and if you’re saying something positive the subject will work hard at making what you say fit with them, making it appear as if you’re psychic.

If you’re subject says no, and that a white door doesn’t mean anything to them, don’t worry. You can say that it stands as a symbol of something. Almost everyone has dreams that they know wont be reached but they can’t let go of, so you could say “You have a dream that you’d like to achieve but you feel you will never get there, you can achieve it, but you need to open this door, you need to find the key”

If you don’t get any images in your mind in the first place, which is highly unlikely, then you can just make something up and fit it into the reading. Try and use an image that could have lots of meanings, trees (playing in the park) Paper, etc..

If you do run out of things to say, simply tell them that you’re not getting anything through and the channel has gone cold, and then simply thank them and leave.

The good thing about Psychometry is that it can be done anywhere, and if you’re new to trying it, then you should get lots of images popping into your mind in which you’ll be able to use.

Low Confidence/Disbelieve Signs

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Body Language Gestures can be very telling about what someone is feeling at any given moment, although Body Language Cues can tell us what someone is feeling, it can’t tell us why. In this article I’m going to discuss some of the common gestures that show doubt and low confidence in what someone has just said, which can be a big clue in detecting whether someone is telling the truth or not.

Lip Pursing

The most common doubtful expression occurs around the lips, when someone tells you something and then presses their lips together in a “I don’t know” way, this can suggest they were doubtful in what they have just said which could be a clue to them lying, or perhaps they’re just not quite sure of the answer they’ve just given.

Hand Rubbing

If someone is nervous whilst answering a question, you may see them fiddling with a ring on their finger or simply squeezing one hand with their other hand. This could simply mean that they’re nervous/uncomfortable talking to you, it really does depend on the situation. However, if it’s someone you know fairly well and they don’t usually make this gesture whilst talking to you, then it could be a sign that they have just told you a lie.

Stepping Back

Another fairly common Body Language Gesture is stepping backwards after speaking. Politicians often do this if they have just told a lie. Taking a step back after you have spoken shows doubt, it shows a withdrawal from the crowd which can suggest a lie has just been told.

Voice Dropping Off

When someone is telling the truth, they’ll be confident in what they’re saying and this will show through their voice. Their voice will be strong and assertive, however when they begin to lie, they may lose confidence in what they’re saying and this can cause someones voice to soften and become a little quieter, when this happens, it suggests low confidence in what they are saying.

Shoulder Shrug

The one sided shoulder shrug is a classic example of someone feeling doubt in what they’ve just said. Shrugging of shoulders is often associated with saying “I don’t know” so when someone is talking and explaining something to you and you see one of their shoulders move up, drop down, or move slightly backwards, this can suggest that they don’t really know what they’re saying, and this shows doubt which again, could be a clue to figuring out whether someone is lying or not.

Shaking Head No

Imagine the following sequence of events. A wife asks her husband whether he phoned up PC World to see whether they had a computer in stock, it was VERY important that he made that phone call but he forgot to make it. When her husband replies “Yes” to her wife, he shakes his head subtly side to side as if to say no. The Body Language gesture contradicts what he is saying, and chances are, the Body Language Cue will be the truth. So if you’re having a conversation with someone and they’re telling you something that happened, but continue to subtly shake their head to say no, chances are, he or she will be lying.

Evening written above is to be used as a guide and in the context in which they are described. Before coming to a conclusion you should look for clusters of gestures because they’re much more likely to be reliable than a single gesture on its own.

Mirroring Through Text

Posted: May 16, 2010 in Mentalism

So we’ve discussed how you can mirror someone in person to build rapport with them allowing them to feel more comfortable around you. But what happens when you’ve exchanged numbers and gone your separate ways? Can you continue to mirror someone through texting on a mobile phone or talking to someone over the phone to continually ensure that they’ll feel comfortable speaking to you?

The answer is yes, yes you can. I’ve recently discovered this by trial and error, I came across mirroring through text accidentally. I was texting someone I haven’t really spoken to before and decided to see what would happen if I copied the smilies they used, particular words they used and the number of kisses they put after each text. I set out to try and mirror each text that they sent, and I found that after just a very short while, they were willing to tell me information about themselves which they probably wouldn’t have told me, had they felt uncomfortable talking to me. So next time you’re texting someone, try using the same smilies they use, and similar wording to build rapport.

Talking on the phone is very similar, but you can build rapport on a more deeper, conversational level. When you’re talking to someone on the phone then usually you’re able to hear them breathing, try matching their breathing by consciously breathing in and out the same time that they do. When we’re talking to a friend face to face we’re subconsciously mirroring their body language movements, breathing patterns and speech tones. So if they’re talking over the phone in a soft, quiet voice, then you should do the same.

Doing this will allow someone to feel far more comfortable talking to you, and mirroring is a great way to build rapport, and indeed, help friendship flourish.

Changes To The Blog

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If you’re someone who follows this blog, then you’ll be aware of some of the changes I’ve made. The old theme was nice, but to catch up with the times and keep the blog improving, I have decided to put up a new theme to improve the general layout, ease of use and to refresh the blog.

I’ve added a weather page, however since doing that I have decided to create a sister weather blog, instead of mixing Mentalism and Weather onto one single blog. The sister blog can be viewed by clicking on the link below. The Weather page will be removed later this week.


If you have any questions or comments about the new blog layout, or about Mentalism in general then please feel free to comment and ask. If you’d like to learn a certain trick, or you’d like to know more information about something that has, or hasn’t already been featured on my blog, then please feel free to comment and I’ll be happy to write an article explaining what you’d like to know.